Ama, A Story of the Atlantic Slave Trade

Ama, A Story of the Atlantic Slave Trade by Manu Herbstein

This page will introduce you to the prizewinning novel "Ama, A Story of the Atlantic Slave Trade". In 1775, the kingdom of Asante has conquered its northern neighbor, Dagbon, and exacted an annual tribute of 500 slaves. "Ama" is a story of the eponymous heroine who is caught up in the aftermath of these events, and whose travels (and travails) take her as a slave to the Americas.

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Extras: supporting material for "Ama" and the sequel "Brave Music of a Distant Drum".

The plot of "Ama" is simple. The protagonist is captured and eventually transported to Brazil. Ama adopts various strategies in her struggle against the deprivation of her liberty, striking a balance between, on the one hand, escape and resistance and, on the other, accommodation to the realities of the power of her oppressors.

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