Africa: Texts and Sources

The first section of "Ama" is set on African soil. The references and texts in these web pages establish the social, economic and historical context.

This introductory page leads to Professor Joseph Miller's Presidential Address, History and Africa/Africa and History, delivered to the American Historical Association in1999; and a long excerpt from Professor J. D. Fage's Ghana, A Historical Interpretation.

In the Africa: Texts and Sources section the following are links to pages concerning:

Konkomba (Bekpokpam) history, culture, religion, economy

Dagomba history, culture, religion, economy

Gonja history, culture, religion, economy; Salaga and Kafaba

Asante history, culture, religion, economy, judicial process, "human sacrifice"

Languages, principally Twi (Asante and Fanti)

Trade: across the Sahara, Hausa trade, the kola trade and Asante trade with the Fanti and the Europeans

Warfare technology in Asante and Dagbon

African Religion in tradition

Gold mining in Asante and gold in Asante culture

Women their role in West Africa and in the Slave Trade

Architecture and society in Yendi, Kafaba, Salaga, Kumase and Elmina.

You may also like to look at Froelich pictures from Jean Claude Froelich's study of the Konkomba of northern Togo

and at Beads information on Aggrey beads in Ghana