Europeans: Texts and Sources

The second section of "Ama" is set mainly in Elmina Castle. The reference and texts in these web pages fill in the historical and cultural background:

In the European: Texts and Sources section the following are links to pages concerning:

The slaves' experience

Journey to the Coast The journey and travels in Africa
Resistance Resistance to the slave trade on African soil
Learning English Language and literacy

The African hosts

Fanti The Fanti: history, culture, religion, economy

The Castles and those who lived in them

Elmina Elmina, Edina and the Dutch
Capitein Jacobus Capitein: Catholic chaplain at Elmina (mentioned in "Ama")
Cape Coast Cape Coast and the British
Quaque Philip Quaque: Anglican chaplain at Cape Coast (character in "Ama")
Brew Richard Brew: Irish slave-trader (character in "Ama")

What sort of society produced the slave traders?

Europe 18C Europe in the late 18th century: economy, culture, technology
Portuguese The Portuguese in West Africa
Diseases Tropical Diseases: White man's grave, diseases and their treatment


Isert, P. E., Letters on West Africa and the Slave Trade: Paul Erdmann Isert's Journey to Guinea and the Caribbean Islands in Columbia (1788) translated and edited by Selena Axelrod Winsnes, 288 pp, 1992, published for the British Academy by Oxford University Press hardback, ISBN 0-19-726105-1