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The third section of Ama describing the Middle Passage is entitled The Love of Liberty, from the name of the slave ship that conveys Ama across the Atlantic. The references and texts relate principally to aspects of the Middle Passage. Tombaand Jihad refer to the sub-plot in chapter 23.

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Tombacharacter in "Ama"
JihadThe Jihad in the Futa Djalon
Narratives written by slaves
Resistanceslave resistance on board ship
Capitalism and the role of slavery in its growth
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Middle Passage descriptions of the journey
Ships technical information on ships in the slave trade


This photograph is reproduced with the permission of the photographer Ms. Robin Harris and the owner of the shackles, Ms. Janice L. Frierson. The tag on the key is engraved : T. H. Porter Dealer in Slaves. The back of the tag bears the date 1822 and the letters HC. The shackles and the key are engraved with the number 673.

They love liberty; go to war with their neighbours because they choose to become republicans, and insist upon the right of enslaving the negroes.

Robert Southey, 1807 (quoted by Roy Porter in English Society in the Eighteenth Century, Penguin, 1982)

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