See also Miscellaneous: Texts and Sources


Brathwaite, Edward, Rights of Passage, OUP, 1967
See especially New World A-Coming


Brathwaite, Edward, Masks, OUP, 1968

See especially Korabra


Burdett, William The life and exploits of Mansony commonly calledThree Fingered Jack 1800fiction

Capp, Mary Elizabeth TheAfrican Princess or the Slave's Tale fiction


Chatwin, Bruce, The Viceroy of Ouidah Picador

Chatwin's writing is much admired. I think this is a terriblebook.

Courlander, Harold , The African, Henry Holt, Owl paperback,1993  

First published in 1967. The Atlantic slave trade from anAfrican point of view.

D'Aguiar, Fred, The Longest Memory

Defoe, Robinson Crusoe, the history of, 1719.

de Saint-Lambert, Zimao the African tr. Rev.Weeden Butler London 1800 105 pp
Slave revolt, fiction

Emecheta, Buchi, The Slave Girl, Heinemann,1977
Set in and about Onitsha, Nigeria, 1900

Gleason, Judith Illsley, Agotime, her legend.Grossman, NY 1970.
A wonderful, mystical book about a Dahomeanqueen sent to slavery in Brazil. But more about Vodu religion than about theslave trade. Unfortunately out of print. MH

Hugo, Victor The Slave King (novel) 1791

Jacobs, Rayda, The Slave Book, A Novel, KwelaBooks, 1998
Set in and about Cape Town, South Africa, 1838.

More, Hannah, The sorrows of Yamba or the negros woman'slamentation 1795
Poem about African woman taken as a slave to WestIndies

Reiss, Maria F. dos, Ursula, novel, Brazil1859

Skertchly, J A, Sport in Ashanti or Melinda the Caboceer A Tale ofthe Gold Coast in the days of King Koffee Kalcalli (1867-74) Frederick Warner& Co. London


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